Bio Magic was started in Canada where it is called Wizard, and I first came across the product in England where it is sold as Duzall (does all). In 1987 I began to import Duzall from England. Demonstrators travelled throughout NZ giving free demonstrations to mainly businesses initially.
By 1990 the product was beginning to become well known and the demand was such that the orders from England were taking too long to arrive. To keep up with demand we decided to import the same product from Canada, which meant a name change to Wizard. No one minded the change.
By 1993 the product was very popular and inferior copycat products had started to appear. I decided it was time to do the "KIWI THING" and go green and have the product made here in NZ. Thus Bio Magic was born!
We eventually started selling Bio Magic door to door with a lot of success and we are now glad to announce that we are promoting and taking orders over the internet.

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