Bio Magic is a multi-purpose 'industrial strength' cleaning product that will clean almost anything. It comes in concentrated form and needs to be diluted, giving you 30-40 litres of cleaning product!

Bio Magic is perfect for in the home, at the office, for industry, the car or boat etc. It is fantastic on glass, mirrors, windows, painted surfaces, in kitchens, bathrooms etc. A very popular use is for stain removal from carpet, clothing, upholstery etc. In fact, almost anything can be cleaned with Bio Magic!

The following are only some of what Bio Magic can clean:

Alcoholic beverages Coffee, tea Grass, green vegetables Milk, cream
Blood  Deodorants Grease, oil, tar, fats Perspiration
Candlewax, crayons Dye, mustard Ink Rust, Iron Scorch
Chewing Gum Egg, meat juices Lipstick Soft drinks
Chocolate, cocoa Fruit, fruit juices Mildew etc.

Bio Magic!

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